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Mar 10
Mar 17

Sporting Clay Shoot

Great Event with Treasure Coast BA!!!


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The Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA) was established in 1986. GCBA is a dedicated South Florida builders association with a reputation of excelling in Palm Beach Governmental affairs. GCBA members are dedicated to fulfilling the “American Dream” of affordable home ownership for everyone.



Gov. Affairs Monthly Meeting

March 10, 2017
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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GCBA Conference Room
2101 Vista Parkway, Suite 249
West Palm Beach, FL 33411


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GCBA Sponsors Breakfast for The Kids Cancer Foundation
"Breakfast With Santa"
Video courtesy of Melissa Freed


Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Rule

In a victory for NAHB, a federal judge in Texas on Nov. 22 granted a preliminary injunction to delay implementation of the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule. The rule, which was scheduled to take effect Dec. 1, would double the minimum salary limit from $23,660 to $47,476.


NAHB joined other business groups in filing a legal challenge to the overtime rule on Sept. 20. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. In addition, 21 states have also filed suit challenging the rule and the two lawsuits have been consolidated. The parties have filed motions for a summary judgment.

While the injunction is only temporary, the ruling by Judge Amos Mazzant sent a strong signal that he could likely side with NAHB and our business coalition.

“The State Plaintiffs have shown a likelihood of success on the merits because the Final Rule exceeds the Department’s authority,” Mazzant wrote in his opinion.

Working with House and Senate lawmakers and members of our business coalition, the Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity, NAHB has been leading the effort to mitigate the effects of the overtime rule. In addition to the lawsuit, the association is asking Congress to phase-in the new salary requirements, as well as provide permanent relief from the rule’s provision to automatically update the salary threshold every three years.

As NAHB keeps working toward permanent relief, the association will continue to provide members with the tools they need to comply with the new overtime requirements in the event that the court rules against NAHB, our business coalition and the 21 state attorneys general.

This Final Rule issues regulations to implement Executive Order 13706, Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors, signed by President Barack Obama on September 7, 2015. Executive Order 13706 requires certain parties that contract with the Federal Government to provide their employees with up to 7 days (56 hours) of paid sick leave annually, including paid leave allowing for family care; it explains that providing access to paid sick leave will improve the health and performance of employees of Federal contractors and bring their benefits packages in line with model employers, ensuring that Federal contractors remain competitive employers and generating savings and quality improvements that will lead to improved economy and efficiency in Government procurement. The Order directs the Secretary of Labor to issue regulations to implement its requirements by September 30, 2016. Click Here to read entire article